Rimmel Glam’Eyes HD in English Oak (002)


Rimmel English Oak eyeshadow, closed

Rimmel Glam’Eyes HD eyeshadows are possibly the best example ever of poor packaging compromising a high quality product. I won’t say it “ruins” the product, but it does turn me off to using it – despite how good the eyeshadow itself is. This quad is English Oak, a warm brown palette with hints of pink.

See how the pans make a Union Jack? So cute, but so hard to use. The little ones are really little. Even the spongetip applicators Rimmel provides won’t fit into them. Brushes tend to pick up color from neighboring pans. It makes this product unnecessarily hard to work with, and that’s a shame because the quality is quite high otherwise.

Rimmel also gives you considerably more of one color than the others. This would be fine if their taste matched mine, and on some quads, it does. But on this one, they’re expecting you to use the deep brown in the center as your lid color and do a sort of brown smoky eye. I actually love this palette for a more standard look – the pinkish or tan color on the lids, and the deep brown for definition. But I would hit pan – if only I could hit the pan – much more quickly on the lighter colors and need a new palette.

Closeup of English Oak eyeshadows


The formula reminds me of Wet N Wild, which reminds me of Urban Decay. It’s creamy and very pigmented/opaque, and highly blendable. On some shades, you can get a little fallout if you don’t tap excess off your brush before applying because it’s so soft and creamy, but that’s true of higher end shadows with similar textures. All in all, I love these shadows. I just hate trying to get them from the pan to my lids.


This palette comes with four complimentary shades. I’m describing the colors from left to right.

Swatches of English Oak eyeshadow

The first color is a medium oak brown with gold flecks in it. The second color is a shimmery warm toasted gold. The third color is a shimmery warm muted coral-pink. The fourth color is a shimmery champagne beige that’s perfect for highlighting.

Bottom line

This line absolutely proves Rimmel is capable of creating brilliant eyeshadows. Unfortunately, the packaging makes these so hard to work with that I never find myself reaching for them. I won’t be purchasing more from this line; however, based on the quality of these, I’ll be eager to test any new shadows they come out with, as long as the pans are easier to use!

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