Is Urban Decay going downhill?

I’ve been on a very, very low-buy for over a year now, so when Christine at Temptalia – one of the best reviewers on the web – didn’t think so highly of the last couple of new palettes from Urban Decay, I didn’t buy them.

But when they announced Naked Smoky, I thought, hey, I deserve a treat and this might be the best palette yet. But I checked out Temptalia’s review, and it sure doesn’t sound that way. Perhaps even more of a warning bell, however, was this comment someone left on her review:

Is Urban Decay going downhill?

But maybe that was just a fluke. Someone replied to her with:

Is Urban Decay going downhill?

This is making me think at the very least, they’re not as careful with quality as they used to be. I’m wondering if this is all happening since they got bought by L’Oreal. Either way, I’m not going to buy Naked Smoky after all – gonna look for some other exciting palette to treat myself with!

Urban Decay has been one of my favorite eyeshadow lines for a long time. They might have been my #1 had their glitter shadows not spent more time getting into my contacts and irritating my eyes than they ever spent on my lid. I’ve tried absolutely everything, and the only way I can get them to stay on is by knocking my brush against the sink to drop all the glitter out, leaving me with just a shimmer shadow (which is okay since I’m not really a glitter girl anyway, but it bugs me).

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